Grilled Chicken & Congolese Grill

Grilled Chicken & Congolese Grill

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Le Uptown
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Congolese restaurant with a local touch serving African dishes such as grilled chicken, grilled mutton, donuts, samousas, plantains, chicken and sausage poutine, sandwich, wrap, chikwangue (cassava), chicken wings, salad with chicken, fries, rice and more!


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African - Grill - Poutine - Sandwiches - Chicken Wings - Boutique-Counter - Gluten-free options

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Grilled mutton, Grilled chicken & donuts.


Boutique-Counter - Catering - Delivery - Gluten-free options - Order Online - Takeout


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The Uptown Experience is a new concept based on a mix of animation and interactive tam tam on Congolese culture. The goal is to entice guests to participate in the experience to offer them a complete integration of the Congo using interactive tam tam (Djembe), tribal face painting and African dance.

The Uptown Experience is Friday through Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. The cost is $55 per adult and $25 per child 12 and under. This includes 1 choice of starter, 1 choice of main meal and 1 dessert. All this accompanied by an interactive tam-tam show with African dancers and make-up artists. Children 5 and under eat free.




The role of the makeup artist is to make up, in a consenting manner using tribal symbols, the guests who come during the period of the Uptown experience to their table.

Tools used

The tools used are mainly a brush of his choice and water-based paint with specific colors that each have their own meaning:

- Black: power and mystery.

- Grey: security, authority, maturity and stability.

- Purple: royalty, luxury, wisdom and passion.

- Yellow: joy, energy and warmth.

- Red: audacity, urgency and energy.

- Blue: peace, calm, trust and affection.

- Green: life, growth, freshness and healing.

- White: hope, purity and light



The role of the Djembe animator is to make the guests interact in an educational and interactive way in joy, humor and happiness by playing Djembe (tam tam) with them. The host must keep the guests active and interested throughout the two sessions to offer them a unique and jovial moment.

Tools used

The main tool of the animator is the Djembe just like the guests who will also have Djembes to play with the animator.



The role of the African dancer is to make the guests interact in an educational and interactive way in joy, humor and happiness from the opposite side of the room to accompany the host. The dancer must keep the guests in a beautiful atmosphere throughout the two sessions to offer them a memorable and spectacular moment.


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5265 Chemin Queen Mary

(514) 523-1228

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